The Dew Spray — Packaging Story

Honoring the women who grace our lives with their strength, wisdom, and love. 💌

In a market filled with high-tech, innovative design, we strive for skincare that feels more personal. From the box design honoring our late grandmothers, moms, mother-in-law to the high-quality glass bottle and the thoughtfully chosen facial spray mist, each aspect has been carefully considered.

Embracing French Elegance &
Inspiring Women 

It all began after scrolling through Pinterest, falling in love with the signature French toile design, and having a heartful conversation about our late grandmothers and how we wish they could see us creating this women-owned business.

From there, an idea was born.  The magic truly happened when we crossed paths with the incredibly talented French artist, Laureen (@ll.oux).

Together, we created a remarkable illustration of the women who have shaped our lives. Laureen was skillfully able to capture each woman's likeness, inspired by the timeless beauty of toile wallpaper design.

As women who have been shaped by powerful female influences, we understand the impact of female bonds. We couldn't be prouder to pay tribute to these extraordinary women and give space for our customers to feel inspired by the female figures in their lives.

woman owned business

A Delicate Mist

The Dew Spray is more than just a natural skincare product. It's a moment of renewal and bliss you can take even on your busiest days. 

That's why we took our responsibility seriously, ensuring that every ingredient is not only skin-safe and natural but also capable of delivering a moment of luxury that leaves you feeling refreshed.

Our Dew Spray offers a delicate mist, the kind that envelops you in a cloud of bliss, transporting you to a spa-like paradise with every spritz.

This gorgeous, nutrient-dense golden elixir is the perfect hydrating facial mist for your everyday life. Take a break from the mundane and enjoy the spa-like mist of The Dew Spray. You'll return confident and ready to take on whatever's next. 

facial mist spray

Capturing the Essence of Luxury

When choosing the actual bottle our product would go into, we wanted to be transparent. Actually.

That's why we chose clear, frosted glass. You can see the gorgeous golden elixir behind the bottle and know exactly how much product you have left!

We searched high and low for a high-quality glass bottle. One that felt sturdy, smooth, and looked chic wherever your life takes it. From vanities, totes, office desks, & bathroom counters, our natural skincare products will add an elegant charm to any space.    

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Personal Skincare

Skincare is an intimate ritual, a sacred moment of self-care that speaks to the very essence of who we are. Within the realm of organic natural skincare, every product becomes a reflection of our values, our aspirations, and our commitment to nurturing both our skin and our soul. It's a journey of authenticity and connection, where each application becomes a testament to our dedication to purity and well-being.